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Colorado Hair replacement & extensions = the natural way! (No glue, no tape, no damage!)

Why use the old technology of glue or tape? Is extremely outdated and damaging! When you are working on things like Microlinks, however, it is such a delicate art form that you must make sure your hairstylist is fully certified by the specific company she is advertising to sell! Every single year staying updated on the new technology is so important every hairstylist! At Madeline's we encourage no glue, no tape, no damage methods! Did you know that Tape hair is actually medical grade adhesive?

If you look at the ingredients of your hair extensions and the remover for just the way you look at your diet, then it will completely change your outlook on what you put on your head/hair! Did you know that the remover for keratin Great Lengths is acetone with a pretty scent added?! Did you know that the remover for Tape extensions is very high percentage of rubbing alcohol?! YES both of those harsh chemicals will break down, especially Fine and thinning hair. If you're dealing with Alopecia and her loss, trust me, you don't need any more thinning or breakage!

Madeline has built her business on real cuticle intact hair & real hardworking honest female clients and Mothers! Thank you for everyone's continued support of over a decade in the business. Do you have proven together that care and quality Russian cuticle intact, blonde hair are SO incredibly important!

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