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Welcome to Madeline's Kids Mermaid Parties!

Dive into a World of Enchantment 

Are you ready to make a splash with your little ones' imagination? At Madeline's Kids Mermaid Parties, we transform ordinary celebrations into extraordinary underwater adventures. Our mermaid-themed parties are a whirlwind of glitter, creativity, and enchantment, where your child and their friends get to embrace their inner mermaid or merman!

Experience the Magic of Our Mermaid Parties

Glitter Galore  Imagine your child's eyes lighting up as they are adorned with shimmering mermaid scales and sparkling glitter. Our talented artists will turn your little guests into glistening sea creatures, ready to embark on their underwater journey.

Hair Styling Fit for a Mermaid Queen  Mermaids are known for their luscious locks, and we're here to make your child's mermaid dreams come true. Our hairstylists will create beautiful mermaid-inspired hairstyles, complete with seashell accessories and ocean-themed braids.

Kids Face Painting  Our skilled face painters will transform your children into mystical sea creatures, from friendly dolphins to fierce sharks or beautiful sea flowers. The possibilities are endless, and the smiles are guaranteed!

See a Real Mermaid! It's not a mermaid party without a mermaid. Madeline and the Mothers can be dressed to the theme as a mermaid for the party and sit by the pool. A unicorn, or whatever theme your child desires! The kids love it!  

DJ: Age appropriate fun music and Madeline can even teach your child how to dj and mix music on the fly to be the star of 



Why Choose Madeline's Kids Mermaid Parties? 

  • Experienced Team: Our team is dedicated to making your child's mermaid party a magical experience they'll cherish forever. We bring years of expertise and creativity to every event.

  • Customized Decor, Costumes & Themes: Whether your child dreams of a specific mermaid character or wants a unique under-the-sea adventure, we can tailor our services to match their specific theme vision. Let her know your budget and she will have a blast planning, ordering decorations, and costumes for each child as well as goodie bags on-theme! 

  • Safe and Fun: We prioritize safety and fun in equal measure. Our products are non-toxic and skin-friendly, ensuring your child's comfort and enjoyment throughout the party.

  • Memories That Last: At Madeline's Kids Mermaid Parties, we create memories that will stay with your child and their friends long after the party ends.

  • As a fashion and beauty icon in NYC, LA & Denver since 2008. Madeline has connections to the most elite & professional photographers in Denver! So if you have trouble finding an age appropriate DJ, or karaoke host singer, & sound expert.

  •  With her connections from styling the “Shake it up girls'' at the Radio Disney convention. She will happily assist as your expert party planner while using her social connections and experience to help you select and hire the best photographer, mermaids, stylists, and more for any special event! 

Book Your Mermaid Adventure Today! 

Make your child's birthday or special event an unforgettable underwater journey. Contact us today to plan the mermaid party of their dreams. Let's embark on a magical voyage together and watch as your child and their friends become real-life mermaids, complete with glittering scales and radiant smiles.

Hair for humanity: Madeline spends much of  her extra time and money volunteering with Foster children. As she knows what it is like to be an outsider. She believes that every child regardless of their broken home situation deserves to have a birthday party.  She uses her own money in order to donate/fund Birthday parties at Foster Child homes in Colorado. 

Small Title

Small Title

$25 per feather cluster of 5
$10 single feather
$10 per sparkle strand!

Happy kid client with non-surgical hair replacement! 

Help for hair loss for Kids & Teens!
With all of the covid stress more and more kids are starting to lose & pull out their own hair (trich) due to anxiety. We suggest limiting screentime, blue light glasses & we have wigs & toppers for kids! (as pictured) Halo couture extensions are also available for events. I have only done permanent hair extensions on children 12 and up. That is suggested. Braided extensions are available though for 2-4 weeks with synth colored hair. Or partial accent extensions! 

Full service Private non-surgical Hair loss clinic. If you can't come to the salon in Cherry creek then let me know and I can fly, or drive to you for ONLY the cost of travel (additionally)! No need to pay extra for travel time! Available to do:
Hair Feathers: $10 per feather or $25 per bundle
-$250 per hour for styling kids custom themed parties! (includes hair supplies!)
-Hair tinsel is $15 per strand and is glitter & can be curled with your hair. We tie the tinsel to a few strands of hair. (Must pre-order certain colors)

kids parties.jpeg
kids parties 2.jpeg

Encourage creativity with a celebration of artistic talent!


Tinsel hair extensions!
-Heat resistant you can curl/straighten up to 375 degrees just like your natural hair!
-MICROtechnique where we tie one strand of hair to another. 
-Wear one strand of tinsel for a slight holiday party glitter accent 
-Wear two or three tied to one or two strands of hair to be even more 
-OR Ask for a few strands of tinsel in your feather or colored accented hair extension! 
-These will crimp with your natural hair if you braid them at night!


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