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#1 do NOT use volumizing products or shampoos or conditioners that say "Volume" directly on your hair extensions! It will DESTROY them! YES even NO volume hair spray as it will make you look like you have a RATS nest on your head, girl!

#2 DO use a light serum mid-shaft to ends and distribute it evenly in your hands before putting it on DAMP hair only! Make sure the serum/argan oil i put in wet towel dried hair MID-SHAFT to ends only to prevent them sliding out! Leave in conditioner also works but with micro-links (individuals or nano links) it must be 2/inches from the roots. 

3# DO shampoo ONLY twice at the roots at least ever 5 days to prevent slipping due to an oily scap! Wash your hair, girl! 

4# Do NOT use Shampoos with argan or any kind of heavy oil or coconut oil (just ask me before you use it to be safe! You can text or call me on my business line 24/7 at: 484-787-2223

Hair extension & hair replacement DO's:

-Use sulfates to cleanse just once a week.

 - Wear your hair wrapped around a sock bun at night or braided to prevent tangles & wake up perfect! - Dry remi hair with blow dryer & comb out once a week.

-Schedule maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks depending on suggested care to prevent damage. (especially with individuals you CANNOT go past 8 weeks or they must be taken out to prevent damage).

-Use a leave an OIL FREE (No coconut oil no argan oil) conditioner for the roots of beaded wefts but NOT individuals or they WILL slip out. - It is NORMAL to loose up to 5 individual hair extensions every week. Keep they for your next appointment.

-PLEASE use a soft bore bristle brush NO comb unless from the ends upward.

-DO separate each hair extension from each other with your fingers once a week ONLY to prevent tangling of your natural hair! 

-If you go past 8 weeks without maintenance your hair extensions must be taken out and reinstalled due to tangling. 

-Why do you MUST to come in at least every 4-6 weeks to prevent damage with proper maintenance? To lift up the beads, prevent tangling and remove shedding! If you have very FINE hair it is suggested to come in to raise them up every 4-5 weeks. If you have medium to thick hair you can come back in to lift up the beads or resew every 7-8 weeks! 

-Do NOT use hair curling WANDS they stink for curling hair. Do not use heat higher than 350 degrees. 






Hair replacement DO's: 

-Hair replacement must be redone, scalp washed every 4 at least weeks please to wash the top of your head, remove the glue, and reglue & sew

-sulfates are okay on your scalp/natural hair when you take off your topper & redo the glue

Hair extension Care Bible


Founder & CEO

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Hair design with heart! 

       Trust an expert trained & certified by the best companies in the industry with over a decade of hands-on training & experience! Madeleine Carrette is fully certified by hair dreams, Dreamcatchers, Donna Bella & Halo couture,  helping professionals and women across get their natural hair back. Why spent $25,000 on expensive laser treatments and surgery? When you could get the long full hair you have always wanted NOW! How are your celebrity hairstylist to make you feel like a celebrity for your next wedding, event or just for every day life. 

If you have recently noticed your hair thinning due to minor things like stress, change in medications or nutrients. She promises to be there to help guide you to the hair of your dreams! Madeline understands how scary it is to be diagnosed with an auto immune disorder and suddenly start struggling with hair thinning or bald spots especially as we age. She has many tips, and care suggestions, to help you feel like yourself again! 
      Your hair designer specializes in helping your own natural hair grow. She specifically works with fine thinning hair and alopecia. As well as curly thick hair, which can also be incredibly fragile! People do not realize how fragile natural curls can be. You may also look her full name up as a Denver stylist for “ Dreamcatchers, the world’s best hair extensions”. She is also certified by & can order: Donna Bella hair extensions, & Halo couture hair extensions & toppers. 
       It is her #1 life mission to only offer you the quality wigs, toppers & systems that can last an entire year! She suggests replacing your hair at least every year. There are lower quality Remy hair companies at a lower price such as Donna Bella which you can wear for 4-6 months! Keratin bonded hair extensions specifically micro bonds are the best for clients who cannot maintain a hair extensions every 6 weeks! 

      Madeline started her hair extension speciality journey over twenty years ago! Per instruction of her POP star roommate the international burlesque star, pro hair & Mac makeup artist Raquel Reed (Jeffree stars friend during the early MySpace days). Also coloring her friend Stoya (star of the movie A.I. rising) when they both lived in NJ and graced the cover of “The Chelsea Hotel” coffee table photography book together. 

      Madeline started cosmetology school after graduating high school in Boston. She was always very  inspired by high fashion. So she moved to be the center of it all by moving to NYC. In 2005 at the age of nineteen she started hair school at Aveda Carsten institute Manhattan. Her wig work was worn at nightclubs in Chelsea alongside Rupaul himself and Amanda Lepore. Get all of the glamour with the natural Denver beauty style without the ego. Your new stylist is an empath and she lives to heal through hair! 

Madeline is a licensed hairstylist, lock specialist and hair extension specialist. Her portfolio includes doing hair extensions & color on Wiz Kalifa & Baby goth for the music video "Sugar". See her pink pom dog Foxy at 3 min and 11 seconds in that music video! She also has backstage footage on her YouTube & instagram of Baby goths light pastel lavender locks by her very own luxury Slavic hair company.

  Madeline has also personally added Feather hair Extensions to Bella Thorne & Zendaya during the Radio Disney convention when they premiered on "Shake it up" on the Disney Channel. 

Madeline the celeb hairstylist who will host you to feel like a natural celebrity yourself!


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