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Try the "curly girl method for 1-2 weeks to see your perfect curl (If you would like to wear your extensions or hair curly! Then text me a photo of your hair curl to help me find the curl that will match yours perfectly!

curl types.jpeg

These are just a few of the curls avaiable. As you can see there is also kinky girl and Jerry curl and more! Let us match your curl & color for you!

curl types.webp


  • Silver hand tied  Wefts combine the best of both worlds in machine and hand-tied wefts to give you long-lasting comfort and ultimate customization.

      Coming in: Light, Medium & Dark Shades


  • Your salt and pepper blend is as unique as you are, which is why we’re offering 3 color blends.

  • Seamless Blend

This sew-in method creates a seamless blend with full 360° movement.

  • Customizable

Create your own look by cutting the weft for the perfect fit without compromising its integrity.

  • Long-Lasting

These last 6-10 weeks between maintenance appointments. On average, they can be reused 1-3 times and last between 3-6 months. With exceptional care, you can extend their lifespan up to a year.

  • Top Quality

Our Hybrid Weft extensions are made with 100% Remy Human Hair and gentle color treatments.

Introducing gray Hand tied Flat weft collection!

grey color.jpeg

Dark Silver

Medium Silver

Light Silver

Silver Goddess

Are you a Boss Lady who is wanting to make a statement at home or in the workplace? With a timeless natural, & uniquely classy look? Wearing naturally silver hair takes true confidence, sophistication, and shows a level of higher taste which is multi- dimensional & timelessly beautiful!

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