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Hire a technically trained Color correction specialist & expert who truly understands the time, dedication, patience and the science that goes into the artifical color removing process & least damaging Olaplex lightening process.

Keep in mind: When you go from dark to light, you WILL lose some hair length there is no doubt about it. But there is a careful process which must be followed so you do not make the mistake of pushing artificial color even DEEPER into the cuticle of the hair! This is the kind of thing that happens when you rush the process. Doing a correct color correction from dark to light will take multiple days and sessions to get back to a desired light color or a pretty blonde. 

color correct.jpeg
balayage chart.jpeg
Color by MadelineHairDesign
color 1.jpeg
add color w_extensions 2 blonde.jpeg

Add 25 I-tips or Nanos for pops
for INSTANT no chemical NO
bleach pops of or highlights! color!

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