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Researching your dream non-surgical hair replacement certified expert!

When it comes to experts, unfortunately some people can talk the talk, but only certain people can walk the walk!

As a Licensed hairstylist got a certified by the best Hair Extension companies in the business. & created my own line. I suggest to always research what type of hair that you were buying the company you were buying it from and finding out your hairstylist, legal first and last name and looking it up on the website. For example mine is: "Madeleine Carrette" you can call or search the websites or phone numbers for the companies I am certified by including:

-Dreamcatchers "the worlds best hair extensions"

-Hair Dreams

-Halo Couture extensions

-Donna Bella Hair

I became certified in Denver Colorado so that is what is listed! Make sure you guys research what company you are buying and the quality & prices they provide before you give a deposit! As once you give A deposit in the hairstylist orders the hair you are committed & it is non-refundable for custom color ordering & sanitary reasons!

Once human hair once human hair is installed on your head it becomes insanitary to take it out & resell it! You can watch the documentary by Chris rock "Good hair" and research how human hair is purchased bleached, & made into hair extensions. With Dreamcatchers, the world's best hair extensions the hair is completely cuticle intact unlike regular cheap Remi Hair....

Donna Bella hair, halo couture hair (Remi hair) or Great Lengths:

Remi hair is culticle aligned but it is also very poros & corse as it is bleached basin for over 30 days. Companies do this si they can resell you new hair extensions every six weeks! As the cuticle gets destroyed, so the hair companies add a shiny synthetic coating called silicone is put on here that rinses off within a week to six weeks. Once the shiny coat up the hair looks exactly the same from group to tip! Come, people really like this "Barbie doll hair" look & want to buy new hair every six weeks to three months. Which is great for fusion U-tip hair that is one use only anyways! For those that do not want to go in to their hairstylist to maintain their hair extensions every 6 weeks. These are going to be less expensive than the next type (cult

Dreamcatchers, Hairdreams, and culticle contact Hair: it's going to be a little bit more natural and a little bit more thin at the bottom. I said, is only bleached or Color just once in order to be the color it is made to order. So the brown hair is a lot more like Virgin hair. Have you noticed that most people that have very long natural healthy hair. I've never colored or bleached it white before? It is because The bleaching process makes the hair more porous and causes breakage. (This set lasts 6 months to a year)

There is also important to keep this in mind if you are looking to go a light color. Anytime you bleach for hair there's always going to be a little bit of damage, even when using all the Olaplex (A bond builder that is highly suggested by professional stylists).

You may also ask for an upgrade of A Brazilian blowout added as a shiny coat of Keratin to your hair extensions to make them last longer. Keep in mind this is to be done in a well ventilated area due to fumes. And at least an inch away from the stove otherwise they could cause slippage. What good quality hair however, this is an unnecessary charge that cost an additional $350 it's really necessary if you do not like the extra drive time it takes to blow dry your hair extensions if that's how you dry your hair? As we all know, that time equals = money in this world!

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